I can help your organization to develop useful software more quickly™ by helping you and your organization with:

  • Better leveraging legacy code for new markets and applications.
  • Improving time to market by resolving bottlenecks in your Software Configuration Management,Quality Assurance, and development process.
  • Being more responsive to changing requirement by providing coaching in agile development methods.
  • Making your development process more predictable and helping you to manage expectations.

If you would like to learn more, you can contact me at Every organization is different and I adapt my approach to what will work most effectively for your team. Some of the specific services that I can provide include:

  • A one day seminar on applying SCM more effectively so that your team can focus on developing features and avoid many common day-to-day process issues.
  • Custom seminars based on your specific needs.
  • Coaching and Mentoring in Java, OO Development, or Agile Software Development and Configuration Management.
  • Coaching your team in using (and developing software with) Test Driven Development techniques and agile methods. Development and training in using unit testing and customer acceptance testing frameworks.
  • Setting up an agile infrastructure for version control, issue tracking and builds that is appropriate for your organization.
  • Software Development in Java, Python, or C++. I can provide either custom development or work as part of your team, including writing tools or custom ANT tasks.

I can also help an individual or small organization with:

  • Building a web site for you or your business, and provide you with guidance on how to maintain the content in the future yourself.
  • Custom application development.

To discuss details of a project that you have in mind please contact me at