Technology Demos

This page contains links to some projects that demonstrate how I use various technologies for my personal projects. Some of these projects reflect tools that I use on a regular basis, others are just demonstrations that I did to get familiar with various internet technologies. I collected the links on this page to provide a more accurate answer for the time that I am asked "are you familiar with...?"

These links are examples of things that I have done quickly; There are aspects of the technologies presented here that I did not have a need for, and I find that simpler is generally better. One constraint that I had was the functions that my ISP supports. For example, I cannot run J2EE applications from my web site, so some of these applications are a mix of PHP and CGI/shell execution when a JSP solution might have been slightly better. The good news is that for the purposes of my web site, these implementations are good enough.

Almost as important as what I worked on, is how I worked. In most cases my personal projects we done in an iterative fashion with a simple solution followed by enhancements as time allowed and my understanding of what I needed grew. I try to write all my code using a test first approach.

For more background you can look at my resume.

Projects that I have done for myself

Project Description Technologies
My Web Site My personal web site HTML, CSS, Apache (SSI, configuration)
My Book Recommendations Site An associates site where I have commentary about technical books that I like HTML staticly generated from XML, XSLT (see the about link for implementation details. Apache SSI.
Interface to Amazon Web Services that generated an XML node that I can use to generate XML for my book recommendations page. The form takes an ISBN as input and puts the XML into a text window. PHP, Java, XML DOM API, HTML Forms
VCard to CSV data conversion. A utility to convert VCard data into CSV data suitable for importing address information into a Mozilla email client. Java, PHP.

Summary of Technologies from Recent Commercial Projects

This table highlights some of the information that you will also find on my resume. This list focuses on the Technology, not the techniques, which are also important. This is also limited to my more recent experiences.

Project Technologies
Skyva Modeling Environment Java, Swing, Schema Mapping to Oracle Database
iPhrase Natural Language Search System XML, XSLT, Java, Python, HTTP
Verbind CRM System XML, C++, Java, HTTP